Protected SMS

Protected SMS

Mobile to mobile security and privacy are now as easy as sending a text message.

ProtectedSMS™ from Protected Mobility is the first secure SMS solution designed for executives and mobile workers who require the highest level of privacy for text messaging. Our patent-pending technology features handset-to-handset encryption (no server or intermediary service), dynamic key management, and a non-invasive user interface that mimics the native mobile device and results in near-transparent end-to-end security.


  • To send and receive secure txt messages, each user must have installed Protected SMS on his or her smartphone.
  • There’s nothing to learn with ProtectedSMS, and no change in texting behavior is required. This secure, encrypted messaging application looks and performs the same as the native SMS app on the mobile device, making users feel right at home.
  • Dialogs and visual indicators, such as the icon for unread messages, mirror the standard platform conventions on the device. It works the way users work… fast.
  • Messages exchanged with secure contacts are now fully protected and inaccessible to prying eyes.
  • Regardless of transmission path, critical and sensitive information is protected, and there’s no sacrifice in performance.
  • Mobile professionals can now safely take advantage of SMS to conveniently make their jobs easier.

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